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162BPX Compact Rack Mixer

Product Description

Designed as a one stop solution for professional installations, the 162BPX has proven to be perfect for applications where a high quality, compact and reliable mixer is essential.

The 162BPX is a 16 channel rack mount mixer with balanced mic/line inputs, custom DSP and all connections on the rear panel. The solid build and reassuring feel of the controls, leaves you in no doubt that you are dealing with a serious, professional workhorse. The 162BPX boasts a total of 28 inputs, regulated internal power supply and takes up just 6 spaces in a 19" rack.
The 16 channels are made up of twelve mic/line and four combination mic/stereo line inputs. This gives you the flexibility to connect 16 mics and 4 stereo devices simultaneously. Phantom power (+48V) is available on all mic XLR inputs so you can use condenser mics with confidence.

Product Features


  • 16 Channels, 28 Inputs
  • 3 Band EQ with mid sweep on mic channels
  • High quality DSP effects
  • Compact 6 rack space mounting
  • Robust internally modular construction for long term reliability

Product Specification

Input Gain

Min / Max / Max to Output

Mic (to L/R) 12dB / 60dB / 48dB
Line (to L/R) -8dB / 40dB / 48dB
Stereo (to L/R) 0dB / 12dB / 12dB
EQ Lo / Mid / Hi
Mic channels 60Hz / 250Hz - 6kHz / 12kHz
Stereo channels 45Hz / - / 12kHz
Noise : Mic EIN -128dBu
Signal to noise ratio (unwght'd @ typ settings) >85dB
Dynamic range >105dB
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
DSP : Reverb mode 3 vocal, 1 adt, 2 reverb
DSP : Delay mode 6 settings between 100ms and 720ms
Metering : LED bargraphs peak reading 12 segment 3 colour
Maximum Input Levels At Max gain / At Min gain
Mic -38dBu / +10dBu
Line -21dBu / +28dBu
Stereo line +10dBu / +22dBu
Aux input +16dBu / +22dBu
Output Levels Normal / Max / Impedence
Mono insert +4dBu / +22dBu / <22ohms
Aux sends 1/2 - / +22dBu / 100ohms
L/R outputs +4dBu / +28dBu / 75ohms
L/R insert -2dBu / +22dBu / <22ohms
Phones - / +22dBu / 33 ohms
Power Requirements : Voltage selector 115V/230V +/-10% ~ 50/60Hz
Dimensions (wxhxd) 482mm (19") x 120mm (4.8") x 266mm (10.5"
Weight : Net / Shipping 7kg (15.4lb) / 8.2kg (18.1lb)


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