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S2 Series Passive Speaker Cabinets

Product Description

Expanding the ever successful Studiomaster speaker models are the S2 range of active and passive, high quality speaker cabinets. The range incorporates an impressive 15 models to choose from, al fitted with premium components and impressive specs.

All models feature high qualitys heavy duty bass transducers with large 1” throat compression drivers. The components are packaged in a rugged hard wearing paint finish MDF cabinet. The S2-10, 12 and 15/15M come with multiple hanging points, and the S2-10, 12, and 15 feature 35mm pole sockets. 

All models have large recessed side handles, and the larger 2x15” S2-215 comes with rear mounted castors for easy transportation.

Product Features

S2 12 12” PASSIVE

S2 15 15” PASSIVE


S2 215 2 x 15” PASSIVE



  • 12 active and passive models to choose from in the range
  • High performance drivers and compression drivers
  • 1” throat compression drivers
  • Multiple M10 hanging points
  • High quality durable MDF cabinet finish

Product Specification

  S2 12 S2 15 S2 15M S2 215 S2 15S S2 18S
Type 12" 2-way passive  15" 2-way passive 15" passive monitor 2x15" 2-way passive 15" passive sub 18" passive sub
Frequency response 45Hz - 20kHz 40Hz - 20kHz 45Hz - 20kHz 40Hz - 20kHz 35Hz - 100kHz 31Hz - 100Hz
Sensitivity 96dB 97dB 97dB 100dB 96dB 97dB
Impedance 8 ohms 8 ohms 8 ohms 4 ohms 8 ohms 8 ohms
Power handling (continuous) 250W 250W 250W 500W 400W 500W
Power handling (peak) 1000W 1000W 1000W 2000W 1600W 2000W
Crossover 2.2kHz 2kHz 2.2kHz 2.2kHz 100Hz 100Hz
LF driver 12" woofer / 65mm voice coil 15" woofer / 65mm voice coil 15" woofer / 65mm voice coil 2x15" woofer / 65mm voice coil 15" woofer / 75mm voice coil

18" woofer / 75mm voice coil

HF driver 34mm compression driver / 1" throat 34mm compression driver / 1" throat 34mm compression driver / 1" throat 44mm compression driver / 1" throat n/a n/a
Coverage 80x60 degree 80x60 degree 80x60 degree 80x60 degree n/a n/a
Max SPL 126dB 127dB 127dB 133dB 128dB 130dB
Dimension (wxhxd) 390x639x415mm 432x707x455mm 427x635x484mm 460x1053x480mm 548x479x581mm 572x631x704mm
Weight 24kg 27kg 24kg 49kg 40kg 46kg


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