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VPX Series Active Speaker Cabinets

Product Description

If you’re looking for a portable speaker system, you have every reason to be very demanding. The speakers you are looking for have to be tough, affordable and sound great. This is where the Studiomaster VPX active and VSX passive range comes in. This attractive range of moulded cabinets has been designed to give you the results demand. Easy to  carry and easy to use, the VPX and VSX speakers will transform your sound.

A total of 8 models available, 4 active and 4 passive. Sizes are 10”, 12” and 15” full range and a powerful 15” sub bass. All cabinets use cast chassis speakers, increasing the quality, reliability and the sound. All cabinets have 35mm speaker pole mounts for mounting on speaker stands, or even using a pole with your VPX/VSX10 or 12 with a VPX/VSX15sub. The hard wearing moulded cabinets also come complete with integrated carry handles for easy transportation.

The active VPX series features bi-amped amplifier designs in the full range models, to perfectly match the speaker it is driving. Balanced XLR input connectors, switchable mic or line so you can use with virtually any input. VPX10, 12 and 15 also feature 3-band EQ, so you can use as a stand alone portable PA, or if you are using through an external mixer, you have gain and level controls to signal match without any compromises. The 600W VPX15sub also features built in 2-way active crossovers to get the ultimate performance when using with a VPX10, 12 or 15.

Product Features

VPX10 10” ACTIVE 250W

VPX12 12” ACTIVE 300W

VPX15 15” ACTIVE 400W


  • 8 active and passive models to choose from in the range
  • Portable hard wearing injection moulded cabinets
  • Can be used free standing or on speaker poles
  • High quality cast chassis speakers
  • 60 x 90 degree horn flare
  • High quality amplifiers in VPX active models

Product Specification

Output power (music) 250W 300W 400W 600W
Frequency response 60Hz - 15kHz 45Hz - 18kHz 40Hz - 18kHz 39Hz - 110Hz
Max SPL 120dB 121dB 122dB 126dB
Crossover frequency 2.5kHz 2.5kHz 2.5kHz 100Hz
Amp power (rated) 200W(LF) 50W(HF) 250W(LF) 50W(HF) 300W(LF) 100W(HF) 600W
LF driver 10" cast chassis 12" cast chassis 15" cast chassis 15" cast chassis
HF driver 1.35" diaphragm 1.75" diaphragm 1.75" diaphragm n/a
Coverage (hxv) 90x60 degree 90x60 degree 90x60 degree n/a
Inputs (excluding sub) Balanced XLR, male XLR link socket
Inputs (vpx15sub) Balanced XLR, male XLR link socket, filtered high pass male XLR
Power requirements 230V range +/-10% ~ 50/60Hz   115V range +/-10% ~ 50/60Hz
HI EQ (+/-15dB) 12.5kHz 12.5kHz 12.5kHz n/a
MID EQ (+/-12dB) 2.5kHz 2.5kHz 2.5kHz n/a
LO EQ (+/-12dB) 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz n/a
Width (max) 310mm(12.2") 330mm(13") 365mm(14.4") 570mm(22.4")
Height 530mm(20.9") 630mm(24.8") 720mm(28.3") 630mm(24.8")
Depth 345mm(13.6") 410mm(16.1") 495mm(19.5") 515mm(20.3")
Weight (net) 17kg(37.4lb) 20kg(44lb) 25kg(55lb) 32kg(70.4lb)
Weight (shipping) 21kg(46.2lb) 25kg(55lb) 30kg(66lb) 38kg(83.6lb)


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