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VTX2 Tube Compressor

Product Description

The VTX2 is a two channel dynamics processor with five functions - compressor, limiter, expander, gate and peak limiter. It features superb sonic accuracy, clear easy to use controls all in a 2 rack space enclosure.

To add warmth to the sound a 12AX7 tube (valve) is incorporated, regulated by the warm/cold control with the harmonic level displayed on a dedicated meter. Both attack and release time is variable or can be switched to auto mode to aid setting up. The compressor ‘knee’ can be changed from hard to soft (interactive) depending on the application. The output signal beneits from a variable threshold peak limiter and a stereo couple or dual mono mode of operation is available.The four round, retro illuminated meters and large chrome controls relect the build quality of the VTX2 as do the multitude of classic toggle switches. A hard wired bypass switch provides A/B comparison or power fail back up.Connections to the VTX2 is via balanced XLR and jack sockets and operating levels can be switched between +4dBu and -10dBV. front panel of via USB to a computer using the software supplied.


Product Features

VTX2 Two channel tube compressor

  • Warm tube sound
  • Full function dual compressor
  • Clear illuminated meters
  • Balanced inputs and outputs

Product Specification

Output make up gain ±20dB
Residual Noise (active) -80dBu
Frequency Response 30Hz – 20kHz  +0, -1db
Typical Distortion 0.5%
Operating Level +4dBu or -10dBV, selectable
Maximum Input Signal +22dBu
Maximum Output Signal +22dBu
Inputs & outputs Balanced XLR & TRS jack sockets
Side chain send & return Unbalanced TRS jack socket
Power Requirements 100 – 240V A.C. 50/60Hz
Size(W x H x D) 483mm (19”) x 2U 89mm (3.5”) x 260mm (10.2”)
Weight 6kg (13.2lbs)


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