Project Case
Iceberg concert

British Studiomaster sponsors speakers for the world's first iceberg concert

The famous British metal band The Defiled held the "Wild Grid" concert on ice floes in minus degrees Celsius, and Studiomaster as a sponsor provided sound for the world's first ice performance.

After Carlsbro and Studiomaster sponsored Jägermeister's stage at Bloodstock, Jägermeister invited the master recorder to provide him with a set of PA speakers that were resistant to cold and cracking, enough to work in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. "Studiomaster has excellent product quality and we are absolutely confident that we are up to the task." Patrick, Assistant General Manager, said: "In fact, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate the near-military-grade construction of the new Horizon console, its rugged all-British design, and its 1000,<>-watt Class D amplifier; More than enough for icebergs.






Recording Masters was founded in 1976. Originally designed and developed by several sound engineers, the result was the first truly high-quality amplifier.

Recording Master has a rich product line and a huge catalog. From live audio equipment to technology, from self-powered PA equipment, portable PA speakers, to the latest 1000W digital amplifier mixers. Since 1976, it has excelled in today's music equipment industry with excellent quality and innovative design.

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