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  • High precision flfloating point DSP processor, 24 bit A/D and D/A  conversion, 96kHz sampling rate.

  •  Voice recognition feedback suppressor.  

  • Zero distortion: the voice recognition method has the least damage to  the voice, and theoretically it can achieve zero damage, that is, zero  distortion!  

  • Zero feedback: theoretically, as long as the recognition rate of voice  recognition is high enough, zero feedback can be achieved!

  • Feedback suppression AFC: built-in 5-level sound screen to accurately  screen the sound signal of the speaker and fifilter it out.

  • Noise suppression ANR: built-in 15 level noise suppression to make the  system more pure.  

  • Automatic equalizing AEQ: built-in 5-level automatic equalizing, which  can automatically adjust the equalizing in real time according to the  environment.  

  • The speaker energy suppression ratio, MIC pickup speaker energy, and  speaker energy suppression amount can be displayed in real time.  

  • The original voice recognition level is used to judge whether the  equipment works in the best voice recognition state.  

  • The combination of "Line/Microphone" mode switch,  "High/Medium/Low" level selection switch and "MIC" gain knob can  adapt to multiple groups of different input level settings, so that the input level signals within the range of+6dBu to - 80dBu can work in the  best sound recognition state.  

  • The three input connections are female XLR, of which two are input  signals with+48V phantom power supply, and the other is line reference  signal input to enhance the voice recognition feedback suppression  function.  

  • Two output interfaces are male XLR, and two output signals are  processed independently.  

  • 24 x 179mm large LCD screen, all specififications are displayed on one  screen, without page turning operation.  

  • Connecting PC software can not only realize all parameter control, but  also realize automatic equalization AEQ verifification, so that automatic  equalization can adapt to different working occasions.  

  • PC software provides USB, RS485, TCP/IP and WiFi connection modes.  A single machine provides 30 groups of programmable user programs,  10 of which can be stored and called on the panel.  

  • The traditional central control and network central control can be  realized through RS485 and TCP/IP. The network central control is  two-way transmission, which can control and obtain various parameters  of the equipment in real time.  

  • The equipment can accept a wide range of AC voltage input, with the  input range of AC90~240V 50/60Hz.  

Input channel and socket3-way female XLR
Output channel and socket2-way male XLR
Function mode setting switch1 x "line/microphone" mode switch, 1 x "high/medium/low" level selection switch
MIC gain adjustment range0dB - 12dB
Input impedance balance20k ohm
Output impedance balance100 ohm
PCconnection panel 1 USB port, behind with 1 RS485 (Phoenix socket), 1 TCP / IP (RJ-45)
CMRR>80dB (@ 1kHz)
Input range+6dBu to - 80dBu
Frequency response200Hz-16kHz (± 1dB)
Distortion<0.02% @ 1kHz
Channel resolution<- 105dB
Reference signal inputExternal amplififier input reference signal
Feedback suppression mode Voice recognition mode5-level sound screen
Noise suppression15 level noise suppression
Automatic equalization5 level AEQ
Sound gain10dB - 15dB
System gain0/0/0dB (LINE: HIGH/MID/LOW to LEVEL) 8/20/32dB (MIC: HIGH/MID/LOW to LEVEL)
ProcessorHigh precision flfloating point DSP processor, 96kHz sampling rate
Power supply50/60Hz 90~240V AC
Power consumption< 20W
Cabinet height1U
Product size (W x D x H)482 x 228 x 44mm
Net weight3.5kg
Unit 11 Torc: MK Chippenham Drive Kingston Milton Keynes MK10 0BZ United Kingdom
t: +44(0)1908 281072
e: enquiries@studiomaster.com

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