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The new miniature INSTACUBE4 4” coaxial loudspeaker is designed for multiple nearfield applications. The wide 80° x 80° dispersion from the custom coaxial components ensure a balanced coverage at any frequency.
Impressive power and style come together to give you 100W (RMS) of responsive power from the custom designed neodymium coaxial driver with a 35mm voice coil on the 4” LF and a 34mm diaphragm HF driver.
Connection is easy with either 4 pole speaker connectors or Phoenix connection. Both connections feature input and link output facility.
You can choose different rigging solutions with the choice of using the included “U bracket” which allows secure angle adjustment, or utilise the M10 flying points on each side to suit your installation, or even install directly on a microphone stand.
The enclosure is made of aluminium giving a quality look, feel and long lasting reliability, finished with a tough steel grille to protect your equipment.
INSTACUBE4 are available in both 8 and 16 ohm versions and in either black or white finish.

The ultra slim INSTASUB8 8” sub woofer loudspeaker is designed to blend in to any application, whether wall, ceiling or floor mounted, INSTASUB8 can even be positioned under furniture.
To achieve a complete round low frequency sound a custom design 8” driver with a 38mm voice coil is used, when faced towards the surface on which the sub is mounted, such as a wall or floor, then this acts as an additional compression element, increasing the bass response without generating high SPL’s or unwanted pressure waves.
With the custom long-stroke driver, high temperature resistant voice coil and a unique aluminium modulation ring to reduce magnetic distortion, 200 watts of high quality bass is the result.
The enclosure is manufactured from 15mm plywood and finished with durable black or white mark resistant paint. All fixings and connections are located on the underside of the unit giving a clean external look.
Use the INSTASUB8 without the bracket when on the floor, or easily fit the 2 piece bracket to safely and securely fit your sub to the wall or ceiling.