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The new V26 system is a compact active vertical array system, designed for stacking or flying.

3 cabinets make the MF/HF, securely locking to each other with adjustable angles between 0 and 8 degrees. Each cabinet is active with built in high performance amplification and DSP control, giving you the ability to adjust crossover points, gain, eq, delay and threshold, along with program memories so different configurations can be easily recalled.

Light weight at only 8.5kg and a superb dynamic margin is gained by the unique design of the array cabinets. With two 6.5” MF drivers and eight 1” magnetic neodymium dome tweeters set in a coaxial array at the front of the cabinet.

The 15” active sub with large 4” / 100mm voice coil delivers excellent low end response down to 40Hz, making the whole system ideal as a high quality stand alone system giving SPL’s up to 130dB.

Driving the V26A and V26SA

Independent high performance power amplification in each cabinet, provides the power at the place you want it, without long cables or separate amplifiers. The cabinets also include a thru power connector, so for each stack only one main power cable needs to be supplied.

The built-in DSP gives you full control of your system, with crossover points, EQ, threshold, time delay and volume control. Either use the display and encoder on the rear panels, or connect your laptop through the RS485 connection to give you remote adjustment.