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Active line array systems tend to be heavy, bulky and prone to damage if used in rentals or live touring conditions.

The V6 6.5” MF/HF cabinet is made from durable but hard wearing reinforced PP composite material giving it superior weight advantages.

Built in high performance power amplifers, DSP control and powerful twin 6.5“ drivers with 38mm voice coils. The 3” neodymium HF driver has a 74mm voice coil, giving the V6A MF/HF enclosure up to 130dB SPL.

Both the V6A MF/HF and V6SA LF enclosures have independent high performance power amplification in each cabinet, providing the power at the place you want it, without long cables or separate amplifiers. The cabinets also include thru power and signal connectors, so for each stack only one main power cable needs to be supplied.

The built-in DSP on every cabinet gives you full control of your system, with crossover points, EQ, threshold, time delay and volume control. Either use the display and encoder on the rear panels, or connect your laptop through the RS485 connection to give you remote adjustment.

The V6SA LF unit designed to work with the V6A features a single high performace 15” driver with a large 4” / 100mm voice coil capable of handling the 1200W power amplifier built in to the enclosure. Like the V6A, the LF unit includes built in DSP to make tuning and setting up your system as easy as possible.