Studiomaster Introduction
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StudioMaster contributes to the Portuguese Festival – blow it up!

StudioMaster creates a perfect vocal experience:


The left and right main amplification sound system is mainly used by StudioMaster V10 line array speakers

1654848616121359.png● V10 system is a new systematic high-precision compact line array system developed to meet high-quality sound reproduction, multiple combinations, and easy operation and use.

● V10 consists of two foreign customized 10-inch low-frequency driver units and two foreign customized 44mm neodymium high-frequency compression units to form a dynamic, extremely large system, with extremely light weight, extremely small size, extremely high sound pressure level.

● Multi-layer waterborne polyurea paint box, wear-resistant and with good waterproof performance, suitable for outdoor performance.

Supporting power amplifier processor to ensure stable output of V10 line array:


The power amplifier uses the QX series of StudioMaster


● QX series power amplifier selects high-precision components, with high product reliability and stability, excellent technical indicators, and up to 95% conversion efficiency. Switching power supplies with PFC and soft switching technology, optimized circuit design, can adapt to harsh grid environment, provide a steady stream of power. The entire range of products is available in two-channel, four-channel applications with two-ohm load capacity, which is widely used in fixed installations and mobile performance venues where sound is required.

The audio processor uses the AC series of StudioMaster


● 96KHz sampling frequency, 40bit DSP processor, 24bit analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog conversion; The input processing part includes the gain mute link, high-cut low-cut voice glottis, and 8-segment PEQ.31-segment graphic equalization, phase, and delay

● The delay time of all delay modules can exceed 680ms, and each stage is 0.02ims

● 20 preset programs, 1 factory preset, equipment parameters and preset files support computer, import and export. The device supports the storage and recall of multiple preset parameters

● SUSB and RS232 interface, support wired and wireless remote control,

● Phase correction, 50 preset programs, password protection

● RS232, RS485, USB interface

● Frequency divider, compressor, limiter

● With LCD display, the operation is clearer


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