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Studiomaster digital mixer – Digitrack18 is launched

Studiomaster digital mixer Digitrack18, new product on the market!!!

Studiomaster's ultra-compact digital mixer Digitrack18 combines functions of the analogue console with the beauty and simplicity of touchscreen control.


The Studiomaster digital mixer Digitrack18 is designed for quick, easy and intuitive use. With a 7" high resolution touchscreen, you can master all the functions, I/O options and effects, and the mixer has a 100mm motorized fader that can recall scene settings in an instant. It can also be controlled remotely with an iPad via Wi-Fi, and you can freely mix from anywhere in the venue. Optional external accessories support Dante and multi-track recording.


The user-friendly 1024x600 7" touchscreen features clear graphics and rich content with all channels and settings can be adjusted using the touchscreen or encoders at a glance. It also features 100mm motorized faders, customizable fader layers and channels with solo, mute and channel selection buttons. RS485 can be connected to API or iPad with APP. The console has built-in media playback and recording, USB playback, and intelligent output and recording functions.


The high definition screen displays encoders, levels, prefader/post-fader status. Channel processing across inputs and outputs includes fully adjustable gate, compressor, reverb, delay, modulation and 31-band EQ.


Easy-to-use and informative effects or dynamic visual displays, depth and gain reduction code table display for accurate adjustments.


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