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The roar of the lion from the East leads us to set sail with wisdom|Studiomaster, the subsidiary company of Soundking congraduates the 35th anniversary of Soundking

In this golden October and harvest season, Studiomaster has brought two exciting news. Firstly, as a world-renowned audio brand under the Soundking Group, Studiomaster was honored to participate in this important milestone event, the 35th anniversary celebration of the Soundking Group. This was a great engouragement to the hard work, unremitting innovation, and selfless dedication of all our staff.A-1

At the opening ceremony of the anniversary celebration, the Chairman of the Soundking Group delivered a speech, reminiscing about how the Soundking Group had been holding the entrepreneurial philosophy of "today's efforts, tomorrow's glory" in the past 35 years,  achieving outstanding achievements in various fields such as technological innovation, industrial chains, and brand marketing. These achievements not only built a solid foundation for the future development of the Soundking Group, but also injected new vitality into the development of high-tech industries and capital markets.


Meanwhile, the newly built Audio and Video Innovation Technology Museum of Soundking was officially unveiled, attracting the attention of important customers and partners worldwide with its unique display and experience. The technology museum not only demonstrated the latest technological achievements of the Soundking Group, but also displayed its innovative solutions in the industry.


One of the highlights of the anniversary celebration was the launch event of scientific achievements and new products of the Soundking Group. At this launch event, the Soundking Group released 13 technological innovation projects and industry solutions, including important achievements such as HOA immersive sound field reconstruction technology and applications, and Cinemaking digital cinema AV system with direct-display LED. These products and solutions would provide unprecedented resources and rich experiences for a wide range of fields, such as entertainment, culture, education, business, enterprises, and families.


At the appreciation banquet, the CEO expressed our sincere gratitude to all the guests. A creatively customized birthday cake, symbolizing the reunion and sharing of that beautiful moment among the global partners of the Soundking Group, was presented to the guests. This celebration reflected the brilliant achievements of the Soundking Group and showcased the innovative experience and successful cases of the Soundking Group and its subsidiary brand Studiomaster in the audio and video industry.



Furthermore, Studiomaster also shone brightly at the 2023 MusicChina Exhibition, a domestically and globally renowned musical instrument event. We presented a series of outstanding and eye-catching products at the exhibition, including the AI sound engineer SM46 adaptive sound field processor, Digltrack 18 multi-track recording digital mixer, and mixBRIDGE6/multi BRIDGE8 desktop analog mixer. At the exhibition, the booth of the Studiomaster attracted a continuous stream of visitors that praised our cutting-edge products and spoke highly of the professional demonstrations and explanations provided by the staff. Through these on-site experiences, a growing number of people learned about the technical strength and development trends of Studiomaster in the audio and video industry.




These two events are destined to bring new market opportunities for Studiomaster. We should take this opportunity to continuously improve brand quality, adhere to innovation-driven development, lead the transformation of the audio and video industry, and provide customers with more cutting-edge and professional audio and video products and solutions.

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