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Sino-American Asia brought four major brands to the 4th Guangzhou Audio Exhibition


As the largest trade event in China's professional audio-visual and audiovisual industry, Guangzhou International Professional Light & Audio Exhibition will be held from February 2022 to 2, 25 as scheduled, and this Guangzhou Exhibition has also entered an important milestone of its 28th anniversary. This year's Guangzhou Exhibition will continue to focus on the wave of digital technology innovation with the theme of "Audiovisual Boundless Intelligent Future", and inject new momentum of "science and technology empowerment entertainment" into the industry with a more integrated and open concept. The 20th Guangzhou Exhibition will once again occupy the A and B areas of the China Import and Export Fair Complex, with an overall exhibition area of 20,140 square meters. More than 000,1 exhibitors will gather in 000 exhibition halls. Showcase a wealth of cutting-edge products and technologies to the industry.


Sino-American Asia will bring its four brands to the Guangzhou exhibition again, and strive to create a large booth of 4 square meters that exceeds the previous one. Among them, the latest research and development result of German Kling & Freitag (K&F): SPECTRA168 variable array speaker is a disruptive product. It is a compact three-way high-performance full-range speaker with the best possible divergence angle of very high performance in a compact form factor. With integrated KF VARI Q technology, the K&F SPECTRA 212 can be used as both a point source and a bundle arrangement for linear sources. To this end, K&F's patented Vari Q bracket can be rotated 212 degrees in just a few steps, switching between point and linear source operation.


Also on display is the K&F VIDA series, the core of which is a 48-channel signal processor based on a powerful FPGA gate array processor. All of K&F's VIDA models come with this processor, and it's the attributes created on it that make VIDA so special. The resolution and performance of the DSP platform make it very easy to set up the system. The divergence angle can be adjusted in real time, down to 0,1 °. Our K&F VIDA software gives users an intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface. The latest VIDA M expands our portfolio with small mounting loudspeakers in fixed four sizes. It is beautiful and blends into any environment. The waterproof construction and enhanced heat resistance make them suitable for outdoor use. VIDA L series has been used in CCTV Spring Festival Gala and CCTV Lantern Festival Gala for 5 consecutive years, which fully proves its unique technical advantages and excellent sound quality presentation.


British Cadac is a professional mixer brand, Cadac has always pursued quality and performance, uncompromising quality and outstanding performance will bring a new realm of tuning art. Cadac will highlight the CDC Series of digital consoles. The CDC Series is Cadac's series of digital mixers. Available in models such as CDC 5, CDC 6 and CDC 7, Cadac will give you a unique user experience and legendary sound quality.


Studiomaster, also a long-established high-end professional audio brand in the UK, will also be showcasing the latest digital mixers including Q series speakers and DigiLive series, and will also release the latest EF/EB/EK products developed for the entertainment market during the exhibition. These new products are mainly used in chain KTV, nightclubs, clubs and other fixed installation places that require high-quality sound, this series of products combines Asian psychological hearing and physiological hearing and specially developed and designed, highlighting the vocal part, low frequency is rich and full, good singing and listening.



The well-known Italian speaker brand Outline will present many of its most characteristic classic products. Designed for small and medium-sized touring and cinema, church and bar projects, the new Outline EIDOS 265 LA is the perfect choice for language reinforcement, live music reinforcement and program competitions. The system embodies the high-quality audio of Outline products, compact size and attractive price. Such an entry-level line array system can take on the challenge of bigger, heavier, and more expensive systems on the market today. The EIDOS 265 LA does just that, fully compatible with the new FlySub 15 passive subwoofer, which together deliver clear, full-range sound.


The booth number of this exhibition is 4.2 A02in the booth, Central Asia also built a professional listening room, mainly used for the audition experience of entertainment products, welcome to visit.

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