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The birth and application of self-adaptive sound field processors will enable ex isting audio systems to achieve the best sound field effects,  leveraging the sound field processing capabilities that cannot be replaced by other sound processors in the international industry. They are  truly artificial intelligence sound engineers, To ensure the quality of audio system engineering and the stability of sound field control, this  product plays the role of on-site monitoring and automatic operation and maintenance by a sound engineer. When applied to the upgrade of  existing huge cache of audio engineering systems, it will effectively change the sound effect of the original system, improve the audience's  excellent listening experience, and bring new and unprecedented best sound effects to end users.  

Therefore, we have reason to believe that the invention of this technology and the application of its products in engineering design will  become the best partner and indispensible tool for audio workers, and will become a must-have choice for all audio system engineering  designs now and in the future.  

When choosing this adaptive sound field processor, it is recommended to use the Studiomaster N48 digital audio processor in combination,  which can not only improve the original sound quality of the speaker, but also solve the high-quality sound field effect on site. It is a highly  advantageous systematic and partner-like audio intelligent work platform.

FPGA High Order Real Time FIR Acoustic Phase  Calibration Technology

Significantly improve the clarity of the mix and achieve precise flat response of sound frequency

With the specific requirements of professional sound reinforcement application scenarios, commensurate professional sound reinforcement systems have also become diversified.  The speaker selection and layout are also becoming more complex, so that more coherent audio content in the same space is amplified by multiple speakers at the same time. Serious  acoustic interference problems thus follow. The phase distortion and comb filtering caused by the interaction between complex frequencies seriously affect the sound quality level,  These impacts will also far exceed the capabilities of traditional DSP audio phase processing, and the system delay generated by the audio processing mechanism of serial computers  will also become an important factor affecting the quality of sound reinforcement. Audio system engineers need to spend a lot of time solving this problem.  

When operating SM46, only frequency pickup is required in the listening area. The powerful FPGA operation core performs 4096 high-order automatic frequency phase calibration on  the picked signal, completing all the work of sound field calibration and optimizing frequency response from frequency pickup to obtain high-quality processing results in just a few  seconds, and the system delay generated by its operation will also be less than 0.25 milliseconds. Operators can even design and define the overall style of frequency response by  manipulating the frequency response curve design function in the software.  

SM46 has a tell-tale improvement in optimizing the electronic sound field and significantly improves the final audio processing effect. SM46 will become the super tool that every  system engineer dreams of.

  • Wireless remote  management

  • Simplified and  convenient operation

  • 4096 High order FIR

  • 0.25ms ultra-low delay

  • Powerful FPGA chipset computing

  • Standardized network  protocol connection

Market Applications

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When choo sing this adantiv sound field proce ssa. it is recammended to use the Stud iamaster N48 digtal audia p a cessor in cambinatianwhich can notonly impove the rigina sound quality of the spe aar,but als satve the highequality sound field effect an site. it isa highlyadvan tageous systematic and audia intelligent wark platfarm.


Suitable for use in Theme park,Performance rental, Sparts venue, Grand theater, LIVE HOUSE, Canferenoe roam,Mulfifunction Roam, Cinems , Television Studiaete







Dedicated lownoise audiotest cable15m




Analog input4 x XLR (left and right channels), +24dBu max
Analog output6 x XLR (left and right: subwoofer+bass+MF+HF), +24dBu max
Word clock input1x Input@75 ohms 3vpp on BNC32-192kHz
Word clock output1x Output@75 ohms 3vpp on BNC32-192kHz
D/A converterdynamic range: 120dB THD+N: - 107dB
A/D converterdynamic range: 120dB THD+N: - 110dB
Sampling rate44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 (kHz
Electrical specificationAC universal input: 95-245V ; Power consumption: 20W max
Measurement microphone M480
Pickup typeElectret capacitive type
Head diameter1/4 "(7mm)
Pickup methodOmni
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz
Max SPL (SPL)130dB
Balanced noise level<30dBA
Output impedance<600 ohms
Power supply48V phantom power supply
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